Slavery on trial in the oregon territory

The Oregon Encyclopedia’s Top 10

Pleased to say my article on Oregon’s black exclusion laws was the best-read article on the on-line Oregon Encyclopedia this year. My editor thinks I should tell the world, so I’m herewith tooting my horn. Link is below.

BTW, my new book on Peter Burnett, who authored Oregon’s first exclusion law, and later tried to enact a similar law in California, will be out from OSU press in May. Title: “The Troubled Life of Peter Burnett: Oregon Pioneer and First Governor of California.”

The Oregon Encyclopedia’s Top 10 Most Viewed Entries of 2017

Spend time over winter break reading some of The OE’s most popular entries.

1.  Black Exclusion Laws in Oregon by Greg Nokes

2.  Cascade Mountain Range in Oregon by David Sherrod

3.  Black in Oregon by Darrell Millner

4.  Hazel Ying Lee by Heather Burmeister

5.  Ku Klux Klan by Eckard Toy

6.  Rattlesnakes in Oregon by Alan St. John

7.  Animal House by Jim Scheppke

8.  Umatilla Army Depot by Susan Badger Doyle

9.  Tillamook Burn by Doug Decker

10. The Oregon Trail by William Lang