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Peter Burnett’s Resume

Although it didn't always translate into achievement, Peter Burnett had probably the most impressive resume of any early leader in the American West. Because of space limitations, we trimmed his resume from my new book, "The Troubled Life of Pete Burnett: Oregon...

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Nokes pens book about troubled Oregon pioneer

THE EAST OREGONIAN — Few people in the 19th century American West could boast the achievements of Peter Burnett. He helped organize the first major wagon train to the Oregon Country. He served on Oregon’s first elected government and was Oregon’s first supreme court...

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The Golden State’s Unpopular Pro-Slavery Governor

BY R. GREGORY NOKES Peter Hardeman Burnett had probably the most impressive list of achievements of any leader in the early American West. He served on the supreme court of the Oregon Territory and became the first governor of California. So why has he been forgotten?...

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Nokes talks about Burnett on Jefferson Public Radio

Greg Nokes is interviewed by Jefferson Public Radio for his new book on California's First Governor, Peter Burnett. You can probably remember a few names from the early days of white settlement in Oregon and California. A few people were prominent in the formation of...

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Volunteers Clear Trail to Massacre Site

CHINESE MASSACRE COVE Those of you who read my book, "Massacred for Gold: The Chinese in Hells Canyon," will recall the difficult and strenuous hike I took with my late friend, Mike Shanahan to the massacre site. I received today a note and the following press release...

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Narcissa’s Letter: The Massacre

By R. GREGORY NOKES  In what is now known at the Whitman Massacre, a gang of disaffected Cayuse Indians murdered American missionaries Marcus and Narcissa Whitman and eleven others on November 29, 1847 at their mission at Waiilatpu near present day Walla Walla,...

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Massacre at Hells Canyon ranks high in OPB views

My Take: TV Ratings I’ve never paid much attention to television ratings, except when they reflect well on me. And here’s one that so reflects. I’m told that the recent Oregon Public Broadcasting program on the 1887 Chinese massacre was one of the highest rated local...

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