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The Exclusion Laws

Columbia Magazine, the quarterly publication of the Washington State Historical Society – Winter 2014-15 Oregon’s Early History of Racial Inequality By R. Gregory Nokes “African Americans Not Wanted Here” was the explicit message sent through the country in the early...

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Slaves List

List of known slaves in the Oregon Territory, most brought on the Oregon Trail from Missouri between 1843-1853. List compiled by Greg Nokes. OREGON SLAVES Known Slaves County Year Arrived Rachel Belden Marion 1843 unknown child* n/a 1843 Robin Holmes Polk 1844 Polly...

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Free State Letter by Judge George H. Williams

Free State Letter Note: I have posted the following long letter known in Oregon history as the “Free State Letter’’ on my blog with this note of caution: Because of its frequently racist content, the Free State Letter is not an easy letter to read. However, written by...

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