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Just released: Slavery’s Descendants

R. Gregory Nokes contributed a chapter to the just-published Slavery's Descendants, a compilation of stories about slavery. He wrote about Reuben Shipley, a slave brought to Oregon from Missouri by one of his ancestors. Race remains a potent and divisive force in our...

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OCTA Overland Journal – Fall 2018 Book Review

The Troubled Life of Peter Burnett: Oregon Pioneer and First Governor of California  Reviewed by LeRoy Johnson This book begins with a bang. One night in 1830, a burglar broke into young Peter Burnett’s store and stole some whiskey. Two nights later Burnett...

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“Slavery’s Descendants” to be published in May

The cover is approved for the new Rutgers U. book on “Slavery’s Descendants.” Book itself will be out in May. My contribution is an article on the experiences of a slave named Reuben Shipley who was brought to Oregon from Missouri by one of my ancestors in 1853.

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Take a trip down to Oregon City … California

There aren’t many places where Oregon pioneer Peter Burnett is esteemed for his role in western history. But Oregon City, California, is one of them. No, that’s not a misprint. There is such a place and it’s connected in history to Oregon’s Oregon City. The other...

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Missouri Historical Review publishes a book note on Burnett

The Troubled Life of Peter Burnett: Oregon Pioneer and First Governor of California. By R. Gregory Nokes (Corvallis: Oregon State University Press, 2018). xii + 270 pp. Appendixes. Notes. Bibliography. Index. $19.95, paper. Peter Burnett’s life followed an...

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