Those of you who have read my new book, “The Troubled Life of Peter Burnett,” will recall the chapter describing the drowning of two young boys of the Applegate family in the Columbia River in 1843 when the raft carrying members of the family to Oregon overturned and was sucked into a whirlpool near The Dallas, close to the end of their 2,000 mile journey from Missouri. They had transferred to the raft after leaving their wagons at Fort Walla Walla in today’s southeast Washington State. The bodies of the two 9-year-olds, Edward, son of Jesse Applegate, and Warren, son of Lindsay Applegate–Jesse and Lindsay were brothers– were never found. One item that was recovered from the tragedy was a drum, dating back to the Revolutionary War, that belonged to the family. It was found later floating downstream. Candy and I had occasion to see the drum yesterday at the home built by a third Applegate brother, Charles, at Yoncalla, in western Oregon, in 1852. A descendant of Charles, Shannon Applegate, kindly gave us a tour of the house. It is in excellent shape with original furniture and other furnishings and is said to be the oldest house in Oregon still owned by the original family. Jesse and Lindsay had homes nearby, but those are long gone. Below are photos of the drum and the house.

applegate drum applegate house

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